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Groundlord Limited are an Arb Approved and CHAS compliant professional arboricultural company offering a complete package of tree services to both domestic and commercial clients across the South of England.

At GroundLord we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our in-depth knowledge of varied tree species, their differing needs and the impact this has upon the works, care and maintenance required. We have a proven track record of providing innovative, cost-effective services always to the highest standards of quality and health and safety. 

Safety is at the forefront of everything we do, we do not take chances. We therefore carry out a comprehensive risk assessment before commencing works in order to identify possible risks and to ensure customers can make informed decisions guided by our expert advice and recommendations.

We can assist customers in their dealings with Local Authorities (including necessary applications) if a tree is subject to a Tree Preservation Order, if it is sited within a Conservation Area or a Felling Licence is required. 


Crown Thinning involves the removal of smaller branches, usually on the outer part of the crown of the tree, to create an evenly balanced foliage density and branch structure.

Branches are removed systematically and methodically and should not exceed more than 30% of the overall volume. The overall shape of the crown will not change.

crown thinning


Crown Lifting involves the removal of the whole or part of the lowest branches of a tree.

The maximum diameter of any cut carried out during a crown lift should be 10cm or less to reduce the likelihood of potential decay and dysfunction leading to further long-term problems or short-term structural instability of the tree.

crown lifting


The ‘crown’ is the foliage bearing part of the tree and a ‘crown reduction’ is the reduction of height and or spread of the crown by a certain amount in metres. 

This is achieved by reducing the crown area from the tips of the branches to suitable growth points in line with its current shape.

crown reduction


This involves the removal of young shoots from around the base of the trunk (suckering) and from the main trunk (feathering). 

The shoots are cut away as close as possible without causing damage to the bark of the trunk or the roots.

epicormic growth removal


The removal of a tree is not always as easy as it sounds. Confined spaces with nearby buildings can make the taking down and removal of a tree complicated business. With the expert equipment, experience and training we have here at GroundLord, we can efficiently and safely carry out tree removals of any size and in any location.

As no two trees are the same, at GroundLord we always carry out a site visit before carrying out any works to ensure that all possible alternatives can be explored before removing a tree (such as specialist pruning regimes). We will investigate and offer solutions for the retention of the tree first and foremost and only suggest the removal of a tree as a last resort.

Trees can be removed either by felling or dismantling the tree. 

Tree Felling 

For larger trees or where there is insufficient space to fell the tree intact, a qualified and experienced arborist would climb the tree and dismantle the tree in manageable sections from the top down using ropes and pulleys.

This method allows for a controlled and systematic removal of the tree. The use of a Mobile Elevated Works Platform or a Crane may be appropriate depending on the condition and location of the tree.

Tree Dismantle 

Where the tree is small or is in an open space, the tree may be straight felled into a designated area. The felling of the tree is achieved by making cuts at the base of the tree and this is the most economical and efficient method for the removal of a tree.

Where the tree is unbalanced or due to other variables, assisted felling and/or the use of specialised equipment such as winches, pull lines and wedges may be appropriate.

tree removal


GroundLord provide high quality grounds maintenance services across the South of England to a variety of clients including housing associations, land owners, industrial estates and parish and local councils.

Whether it’s a one-off cut or a regular maintenance contract, GroundLord can offer a solution to your needs. We understand the importance of maintaining grounds to a high standard and pride ourselves on being experts in our field and surpassing our client’s needs and expectations.

Through a combination of our highly skilled and experienced staff and state of the art equipment we have developed a competitive and comprehensive product offering of a wide range of services within the commercial grounds maintenance industry including:


Lawn maintenance including cutting, mowing and treatment

Bedding and Shrubbery including landscaping, planting, pruning and weed and invasive species control

Hedge trimming

Tree maintenance including all types of tree surgery, planting and aftercare

Leaf clearance


At GroundLord we ensure that whatever the grounds, they are maintained and managed efficiently and cost-effectively. Depending on the type of client or site in question, we are able to tailor our offering to accommodate a client’s requirements in respect of both the type of work and frequency the services are required.

grounds maintenance


Following the removal of a tree or large shrub to ground level, a small proportion of the ‘stump’ of the tree remains in the ground. The removal of the stump is often the last stage of the tree removal process.

A stump can remain in the ground without causing any harm and if remaining, will be cut to ground level. However, leaving the stump in the ground may cause problems in the future such as root diseases, the occurrence of fungi such as honey fungus and suckering (where new shoots grow from the stump).

The most efficient way of removing a stump is by the use of a Stump Grinder. Smaller stumps can be removed by hand, though the majority will require the use of specialist equipment. Stump Grinding or Stump Removal can be carried out at any time of year. Stump Grinding removes the upper section of the root ball, taking it to a sufficient below-ground level.  

The Stump Grinder has a large cutter wheel with a number of blades and this is placed onto the stump and lowered progressively until the stump is ground out. What is left is a sawdust-like mulch which will naturally break down and add nutrition back into the ground.

stump removal


At GroundLord we are highly experienced in hedge cutting and are able to assist with all of your hedge cutting needs whether you are requiring a regular service or a one off reduction in size or height. Our tree surgeons provide hedge cutting services in St. Mary Bourne, Whitchurch (Hampshire), Tufton, Andover, Dunley, Highclere, Kingsclere, Faccombe, Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hurstbourne Priors, Penton, Charlton and all surrounding areas.

Hedges are living organisms which require ongoing maintenance. Reshaping, pruning and assessing your hedges at regular intervals are key factors in keeping them healthy and extending their life-span.

Whilst it is tempting to simply trim your hedges yourself, hedges are extremely fragile and a varied species and require special care and attention when maintaining.

If a hedge is trimmed or reduced incorrectly, for example too much green growth is cut, this may cause the hedge to become thin and damage its ability to grow.



Deadwood Management involves the removal of dead, broken, split branches and old stubs when considered a health and safety risk.

Pollarding is a tree maintenance technique that can be used to control tree size that involves the removal of all limbs back to the main trunk. The tree is then allowed to re-grow after the initial cutting. Pollarding then requires regular re-pruning every 2 to 5 years.

deadwooding & pollarding



“Josh and his team were extremely professional and polite. They turned up on time and worked very efficiently. They went above and beyond their duties and left our garden immaculate. They were courteous to our neighbours whose land we had to use to access the trees, and they commented on how professional they were too.”

Customer - Whitchurch

Fully insured up to £10 million
ARB approved and CHAS compliant
Professional & experienced
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