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Tree Removal

The removal of a tree is not always as easy as it sounds. Confined spaces with nearby buildings can make the taking down and removal of a tree complicated business. With the expert equipment, experience and training we have here at GroundLord, we can efficiently and safely carry out tree removals of any size and in any location.

As no two trees are the same, at GroundLord we always carry out a site visit before carrying out any works to ensure that all possible alternatives can be explored before removing a tree (such as specialist pruning regimes). We will investigate and offer solutions for the retention of the tree first and foremost and only suggest the removal of a tree as a last resort.

Trees can be removed either by felling or dismantling the tree. 

Tree felling 

For larger trees or where there is insufficient space to fell the tree intact, a qualified and experienced arborist would climb the tree and dismantle the tree in manageable sections from the top down using ropes and pulleys.

This method allows for a controlled and systematic removal of the tree. The use of a Mobile Elevated Works Platform or a Crane may be appropriate depending on the condition and location of the tree.

Tree Dismantle 

Where the tree is small or is in an open space, the tree may be straight felled into a designated area. The felling of the tree is achieved by making cuts at the base of the tree and this is the most economical and efficient method for the removal of a tree.

Where the tree is unbalanced or due to other variables, assisted felling and/or the use of specialised equipment such as winches, pull lines and wedges may be appropriate.

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